At the CPTSA we are involved in many areas of research and development.

Young Researchers

 We are working in partnership with UCB and UoB on this innovative project,  which is now in its 5th year. This year there are 16 schools were  involved, all taking part in active research, from Year 1 to Year 9. Reseach ranged from improving lunchtime play provision to the effectiveness of peer to peer learning.
The research question is decided by each school and all the research is child led. Using the expertise and knowledge of colleagues at UCB and UoB, children are able to access research libriaries and discover if any research has been published on the topic they are investigating.

We hold an annual conference for the all the young researchers at UCB which is normally held in June.  

If you would like to take part for this academic year, this is a fantastic opportunity to activate your pupils voice in shaping the strategic direction of your school. We offer each school a small amount of funding to carry out the project. If your school is interested in taking part, please email 


{Beyond Levels: Published Research}

We are delighted to have our first piece of CPTSA research published by the DfE. The Beyond Levels research project was led by Vicki Sumner and a committed team made up from our partner schools across the Alliance. We would like to thank all the team for their energy, hard work and expertise.

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What makes great professional development that leads to consistently great pedagogy?

The focus of this research project was to investigate the impact that a sustained programme of Continued Professional Development could have on the outcomes and confidence levels of a cohort of Newly Qualified Teachers (NQT) attached to the Colmore Partnership Teaching School Alliance. 

In particular we were interested whether a particular teaching approach used on the programme made any significant difference or whether other factors had an impact on the outcomes.  

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NFER Research January 2017  Insights into the roles of R and D in Teaching Schools

The CPTSA took part in a national survey undertaken by the NFER on the role of Research and Development within a Teaching School

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