Membership of the Alliance is not defined by geography, phase or nature of the organisation but by our drive to improve standards. We ask all Alliance partners to sign our Memorandum of Understanding each year to renew their commitment to our collaborative partnerships.

We welcome new members who will commit to the following understanding:


  • We acknowledge that being a member of the CPTSA involves the commitment of time and energy.
  • We will each involve ourselves actively in the work of the TSA and accept our fair share of responsibilities, including service on committees or working groups.
  • We will make full efforts to attend meetings and where we cannot attend, notify in advance and send a replacement
  • We will respond to opportunities to involve ourselves in TSA activities.
  • We will release staff to actively engage in alliance programmes
  • We are committed to actively supporting the development of the TSA


  • We will strive to work as a team in which constructive working relationships are actively promoted yet respectful of confidentialities
  • We will acknowledge the time, effort and skills that have been committed to the TSA by those involved
  • We will seek to develop effective working relationships with the head teachers, staff and parents, the local authority and other relevant agencies and the community


  • We will observe complete confidentiality when matters are deemed confidential or where they concern specific members of staff or pupils, both inside or outside the alliance
  • We will exercise the greatest prudence at all times when discussions regarding school business arise outside a governing body meeting.
  • We will not use any information unless agreed by all parties concerned
  • We will respect each other and build trust through effective working practices and professional relationships

 For further information about joining our alliance please email: or call Ali Fisher on 0121 6758766