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The Association of Central Teaching Schools has joined a national alliance through Ambition School Leadership so that it can deliver the NPQ programmes. The national alliance formed by Ambition School Leadership brings together some of the largest and most successful MATs – including Ark, Outwood Grange, Oasis Community Learning along with other regional and national groups and teaching school alliances such as ACTS.

The ACTS NPQ Alliance offers scale and diversity across the West Midlands through 12 Teaching School Alliances that cover a variety of settings from Early Years provision through to post 16 providers and special school. National Leaders of Education, Specialist Leaders of Education and Senior Leaders, will lead facilitation through relevant and up to date course materials.


Please click on the links below to find out more about the programmes and eligibility for them.

NPQH (Cohort 3)

We are open for NPQH programme (Cohort 3) applications which will start on Thursday 8th November 2018 . The price is £1200 per delegate. There will be 6 full day sessions over an 18 month period completing by the spring term 2020. The course will include a 9 day placement.


Session 1   Thursday 8th November 2018                              CPTSA

Session 2   Wednesday 23rd January 2019                            Arthur Terry TSA TBC

Session 3   Wednesday 3rd April 2019                                    Ninestiles TSA (Solihull Sixth Form College)

Session 4   Thursday 27th June 2019                                      CPTSA

Session 5   Wednesday 13th November 2019                        Ninestiles TSA (Solihull Sixth Form College)

Session 6   Tuesday 14th January 2020                                   CPTSA


To download the application form click on the link: NPQH (Cohort 3) application 


NPQSL (Cohort 3) Fast Track

We are open for NPQSL programme (Cohort 3) applications which will start on Monday 1st April 2019. The price is £670 per delegate. This is a fast track NPQSL programme and  will be 4 full day sessions.


Session 1         Monday 1st April 2019                         CPTSA

Session 2         Thursday 23rd May 2019                     Waverley TSA

Session 3         Tuesday 11th June 2019                      Waverley TSA

Session 4         Wednesday 11th September 2019       CPTSA

Further NPQSL course Information flyer

 To download the application form click on the link: NPQSL Application Form


NPQML (Cohort 2)

We are open for NPQML programme applications (Cohort 2) which will start on Thursday 22nd November 2018. The application window is now open. The price is fixed at £575 per delegate for this cohort only. There will be 6 half day sessions completing by the end of the academic year July 2019.


 Session 1 Tuesday 18th September 2018 (AM Session)                  CPTSA

Session 2 Thursday 22nd November 2018 (PM Session)                  Arthur Terry Teaching School

Session 3 Tuesday 22nd January 2019 (AM Session)                       CPTSA

Session 4 Thursday 28th February 2019 (PM Session)                     Ninestiles TSA

Session 5 Tuesday 26th March 2019 (AM Session)                           CPTSA

Session 6 Thursday 9th May 2019 (PM Session)                               CPTSA


The NPQML application deadline has been extended until the 12th October 2018


 To download the application form click on the link: NPQML Application Form


 Please email Ali Fisher at for more details.