Case Study 1

The school had been interested in working with other schools across the city for a while but unsure how to connect. Joining the CPTSA created that link with other schools, HEIs and educational partners and new collaborative thinking began.

The CPTSA offered a great CPD opportunity for the school as members of staff joined strand groups and helped deliver content on training courses.  Skill sharing was prevelant as the CPTSA were able to tap into staff expertise in areas such as mentoring post graduates and the recruitment process.

The working relationship is going strong with a real sense of both the school and the CPTSA sharing skills and working collaboratively.

We are always looking for ways to reach out to more schools and ensure that you get the most of our Alliance. It is only a success due to our strong partnerships.

Case Study 2

The school were in an Ofsted category and struggling to make sufficient changes. Support for the SLT has been provided by the CPTSA for a number of years in various forms such as NLE support, SLE and experienced teachers running training and INSETs for teaching staff. The school was also finding it hard to recruit new teachers.

Joining the CPTSA was a way of the school joining a network of good and outstanding schools who were all working towards improving the education of children in Birmingham and beyond.

The head teacher joined a strand group and was able to participate in shaping CPD and networking with other Heads. New members of staff started to access the CPD from the CPTSA. After a period of intensive support (in various forms) the schools came out of category and was awarded a Good judgement. The school are now a partner in the CPTSA and are involved in our School Direct programme.

"Joining the CPTSA opened my eyes to what was available from a school led system. The teaching school allowed my staff and I  to network and work alongside schools in our area. It made me realise as a Head I was not on my own and others shared the same challenges"