English - UCAS Code 2J4W

Queensbridge School firmly believes that English is for life. It’s the backbone of every other subject studied at Queensbridge. As such, English lessons take learners through themes and topics that are relevant to life and to the wider world.  English at Queensbridge feeds their creativity and imagination. The department is fully staffed by a diverse range of subject specialists that guarantee that pupils will encounter big and exciting experiences and also to have those quiet moments to allow their thoughts to hit the page. Due to the strength of the curriculum and the commitment of the English staff, our pupils achieve consistently impressive grades in both English Language and English Literature. Our pupils make outstanding progress and genuinely enjoy their lessons. We are a supportive, experienced and rigorous English department with an excellent track record in transforming English graduates into English teachers, fully prepared to join this demanding profession.

Maths - UCAS Code 2J4X

The maths department at Queensbridge has grown in success and strength over the last 4 years. GCSE results have doubled to 74% in 2013, and the 3 levels and 4 levels of progress are above national levels. A number of high-ability students have also studied and sat the OCR Level 3 FSMQ ‘Additional Maths’ qualification in preparation for A level at post-16. This fully-staffed and qualified department enjoy a huge and harmonious work ethic based on high expectation of all students. As a core department, maths is taught in 3 lessons a week in all years except year 10 where it gets 4 lessons. The department engaged in a subject-specific  OFSTED inspection in May 2012 and received a glowing report. We also mentor  PGCE and SKE (Subject Knowledge Enhancement) students from local universities. Trainees joining the Maths department at Queensbridge School will be encouraged to develop inclusive, inspiring and engaging lessons within the curriculum, with the full support of the team, but they will also be rewarded by a departmental and whole school ethos that is dedicated in improving the life chances of all our pupils.

MFL (French) UCAS Code 2J4R

The languages department at Queensbridge School welcomes candidates who are willing to work collaboratively to instil interest and motivation amongst a growing, and highly diverse, group of learners. We have an increasingly able cohort, and so will be looking for colleagues who can develop student’s language skills and enable them to achieve mastery. As a small department, our curriculum language is French. However, we are keen to work with anyone who can offer Spanish or German too.  At the same time, the department seeks colleagues who can help us develop our highly innovative Enterprise curriculum, and support rapid progress as we move students towards the first GCSE topics that all students will start to encounter in year 9. We have run highly successful day trips to France in the past, and in recent years have developed a hugely successful residential trip to the Normandy coast, where the whole year group attends. We have welcomed partner schools from France to stay at Queensbridge, and take part in events organised by local universities and other South Birmingham schools. The department plays a full part in the wider commitment to teaching and learning development in this outstanding school.

Physical Education UCAS Code 379J